Iceland Airwaves Day Four: Golden Circle Tour, Ghostigital, On An On (11/2)

Last night was a very fun night with the classmates.  Some of us stayed here at the hotel, while others went out for karaoke.  This morning was a little rushed, but thankfully we all made it on the tour bus.  We headed out on the Reykjavík Excursions Golden Circle Tour.  Even though we were all very tired, it was worth it to catch the sunrise over the mountains.

This tour brought us to some breathtaking places on the island.  We saw a lot of Þingvellir National Park, Gullfoss Waterfall, and spouting hot spring geyser Strokkur.  Iceland is truly a beautiful country.  If you would like to see a live stream of those spouting hot springs, click here.

My favorite part was Gullfoss Waterfall and all the views we could see from the plate tectonics.  Iceland is one of the only places in the world where you can actually see and climb the plates.  Gullfoss Waterfall was absolutely spectacular.  If we weren’t on a tight schedule I would have stayed, stared and listen to the falls for a lot longer.

Once we arrived back at the hotel, it was time for Iceland Airwaves day four to begin.  Very strange start to the night.  Ghostigital played at the Reykjavik Art Museum.  The experimental electronic music had the crowd moving.  But the lead singer was very distracting.  He started the show off by saying hello and then putting a mask on.  Within the first song he was screaming and violently shaking all over the stage.  They powered through the first song, but were having technical difficulties.  After the first song they had to stop entirely to fix what was wrong.  While they were fixing the problem the lead singer decided to tell the crowd what the first song was about.  The first song was about smelling a certain article of clothing that one shouldn’t smell.  You get the idea.

On An On was on next.  They played at HARPA – NORÐURLJÓS.  This fairly new band from Chicago and Minneapolis, brought upbeat raw energy to Iceland Airwaves.  Musically, all the members of this band play exquisitely.  The lead singer moved on stage, making the crowd want to do the same thing.  This band is very passionate about the music they’ve created and you can see that in their performance.  Check out the video below to hear their song Ghosts.

In a short amount of time, I’ve been lucky to see a lot of Iceland.  More blogging to come.  Stay tuned. Check out my Instagram for plenty more pictures and follow me on Twitter: @danomalone


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