Iceland Airwaves Teaser Interview: Nolo

Nolo are an indie rock band from Reykjavík that brings ominous undertones of synthesizer mixed with fuzzed out psychedelic guitars for a sound that is a blend of musical stylings. Formed in 2009, Ívar Björnsson (bass, vocals) and Jón Lorange (guitar, vocals) have taken Nolo in a direction of lo-fi rock that has intrigued audiences at large festivals and grimy rock clubs alike. After winning a prestigious music grant called the Kraumsverölaun in 2011, the group went on to release their debut album No-Lo-Fi on Brak Records, which garnered them national attention in their native Iceland as well as a nomination for the coveted Nordic Music Prize (the Icelandic equivalent of the UK’s Mercury Prize or Canada’s Juno Awards). Performing at Harlem on October 30th and The Reykjavík Art Museum on November 2nd, Nolo is a talented trio that has been seen all over 2013’s Iceland Airwaves Music Festival. Click below to hear lead single “Steel” from their 2013 album Human and to listen to a clip about what can go wrong when you play a music festival with DMX, your tent blows away from gail force winds, and a promoter doesn’t pay the bands on time in my interview with the group.

Nolo Interview Clip:

Nolo – “Steel” :


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