Iceland Airwaves Day 4: Waterfalls, Geysers, Halleluwah (11/2)

“Why have one drummer when you can have…two”-Rakel Mjöll of Halleluwah

That 8 AM wake up really sneaks up on you when the night before ended just a few hours prior. Reykjavík knows how to party and it certainly knows a thing or two about karaoke.

D Karaoke

The hardest part was keeping the crowd engaged.

I along with the rest of the tired-eyed bunch made our way to Iceland’s Golden Circle for a day of sight seeing that featured some of the most exquisite views that the country has to offer. The two standouts for this traveler include the majestic Gullfoss Waterfall and the Haukadalur Geothermal Area which featured Strokkur, the first geyser I’ve seen in person. During the obligatory geyser safety seminar, our tour guide informed us that Winston Churchill once burnt himself at the geyser. After enduring a few geyser related downpours, it seemed as if I now have one less thing in common with Mr. Churchill. The geyser provided an eye opening dosage of cold water and a much needed semi-shower to dampen my hair that was still sticky from the champagne bath courtesy of Lord Pusswhip the night before. 

20131102_115125 (1)


Since coming to Iceland I’ve had puffin, lobster soup, and whale, and the trend of trying something new continued as I got my dinner from Aktu Taktu, one of the few places we’ve come across with a drive-thru window. Think of a Carls Jr. but with a french fry distribution style that more reflects 5 Guys. One giant taco and a fist full of fries later and I was fed and ready for the night’s acts. The shows reviewed were supplemented by an incredible performance by Boogie Trouble and two very packed shows featuring Gold Panda and Fatima Al Qadir.

Trust The Lies at Amsterdam

Amsterdam’s structural integrity was put to the test as Trust The Lies let loose an ear splitting set that sent shock waves through every amp and ear drum in their proximity. A double dose of distorted guitar along with a rhythm section that experienced the equivalent of a cardio workout created a pulverizing wall of sound that stood behind the roars of frontman Magnús.

Kontinuum at Amsterdam

Kontinuum’s brand of post-metal music created a synthetic sense of dread that can be summarized as that which a surfer may feel once a towering wave reaches the tipping point. Slow building numbers that work towards a barrage of ambient gloom.


Halleluwah at Hressó

Halleluwah knows how to make an entrance. Sölvi Blöndal, producer and drummer of Halleluwah kicked things off by pounding out a precise rhythm while off to his side was their second drummer who synced up with Blöndal’s measures. No matter how hard the snares were struck, the electronic orchestrations that blasted through the speakers hit back harder. Midway through the opening instrumental , Halleluwah frontwoman Raketa  made her first appearance and took her place behind the microphone. Raketa introduced each song with a story, these introductions were only exceeded by the introduction of Raketa’s vocals that seemed to have been pulled out of a time capsule. When both drums weren’t hammering out near militant beats, the second drummer would take to the keyboard and pound out Pet Sounds worthy tones. Halleluwah brought the perfect blend of pop proficiency and personality to Hressó .

Jon Hopkins began his DJ set at Harpa Silfurberg a little after midnight and will be featured in tomorrow’s post.


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