Iceland Airwaves Day Five: Ragga Gröndal (11/3)

After a hard mornings work putting together all of our interviews together, the group headed for one last excursion outside of Reykjavík. We ate some Icelandic snow and took in the amazing view of the mountains. Then, we popped into Fontana geothermal baths. The water was nice and hot, what a pleasantly weird sensation to go from such extreme temperatures.  I enjoyed a glass of sparkling wine, while others were braves and ran into the frigid lake. Then it was the three saunas, I could only sit in the second one for a minute and couldn’t handle the hottest one. The soup was great, the people were incredibly nice; it was the perfect relaxing trip to calm us down.

Ragga Gröndal at 10:00 in Gamli Gaukurinn.

Ragga has such a powerful voice, and she was having as much fun as the massive crowd in front of her. “What a feeling to belong somewhere,” she sang. Her band seemed very mature and experienced; the music was precise. Besides cymbals, there were no visible drums, but when the Austrian drummer tapped and banged on the wooden box he was sitting on it somehow created the sound of percussion.

The way Ragga played the keys seemed like second nature to her, like she had to think about what she was playing as much as any of us have to think about breathing.

She sang, “People clap your hands,” and everyone gladly responded with clapping and swaying.


Now I’m off to Æla which can be translated to “puke.”

I’m as prepared as you are.

Also, every night I’ve been here late at Harpa writing my blogs for deadline, and every night I’ve been closing this place down. I’m torn whether or not I should wait for that broad, muscular security guard to ask me to leave one last time…

I’m going to miss this.


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