Why you NEED to buy “Frozen”

Disney’s hit animated film “Frozen” came out on DVD and Blu-ray this past week.  Frozen is about a journey that young princess Anna must take to stop her sister Elsa, who has magical ice powers, from freezing their entire kingdom. It has taken over the hearts of so many and has inspired numerous costumes and song adaptations all across the world. Frozen Costumes The Oscar winning song, “Let it Go”, has inspired thousands of fan-made videos of Youtubers belting out the inspiring song.

With such an amazing fan base, you have to be wondering…what’s so great about the movie? Well, here is why you need to stop what you’re doing and watch this incredible film.

#10.  The film’s settingFrozen takes place in Arrendelle, a fictitious kingdom that resembles some Scandinavian countries. It features many cultural elements, including clothing, colors, and the architecture of the castle and surrounding buildings. With such gorgeous scenery, it’s hard not to feel that you are in the film! #9. The Animation – This goes without saying, the animation is stunning. I mean, it is a Disney film.

#8. Olaf – This little snowman definitely gets his own category. Disney comedic sidekicks have been around since the studio has been creating animated films…but what makes Olaf so special?  He is a constant sidekick, often providing heartwarming comments and affection towards the protagonists. He’s  a positive character and truly cares about his friends. (It also helps that he is adorable! JUST LOOK AT HIM!) #7. The not-so perfect male lead – Kristoff, is an ice harvester and a romantic interest. He’s not your typical Disney male character because he’s not perfect. He’s a normal guy, who is slightly sarcastic with a sense of humor.   He’s also believable. When he’s introduced to the main protagonist, Anna, he instantly makes fun of the Disney cliche of falling for someone after meeting them for the first time.  This character can pave the way for more realistic male representation in future Disney animated movies. #6. The Twist – I hate to post spoilers, so I won’t reveal what the big twist is in this film.  Disney stepped up their game with this one and you will be shocked at the risk they took by putting this twist in this film!

#5. Elsa – I don’t even know where to begin with this character. Elsa is one, if not, the most emotional character Disney has ever created. Possessing  magical powers, she struggles with containing them, but also desires to be free.    She’s deep, emotional, and you truly feel for her as she struggles to keep herself away from everyone because of her magical ice powers. You witness her struggle with the fact that she is hurting her sister from her isolation. You empathize with her battle. #4. The Music – What is a Disney animated movie without some amazing music?    Every song in this film has a purpose and moves the story along.  The songs are so darn catchy!

#3. Having two female leads – During the last couple of years, movie studios have been getting better about having multiple female leads in movies. Disney is taking that chance with Frozen. It’s not about showing perfect female characters, but showing realistic female characters with real human flaws.

#2. The sisterly bond – This Disney film isn’t strictly focused on finding true love or changing yourself. It’s about the bond between two sisters and the unconditional love they share.   It shows what a family will go through for one another and be there for each other, no matter what.

#1. The message – Be yourself and love who you are.    While this message is contained in a lot of movies, Frozen presents the message in a different way compared to other Disney animated films.   The movie focuses on how something you could consider to be a “curse” can actually be quite the blessing and to embrace everything about yourself.   This film makes you feel empowered, and lets you know that you possess  something that makes you unique.  The movie Frozen is inspirational and worth watching again and again.

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