Mirror Mirror On The Wall

by Lauren Makris

Since our childhood, Halloween has always been a fun holiday, with tricks and treats around every corner and behind every door.     However, if you are a true hopeless romantic like me, then all you will be thinking about as you cake on the pale white makeup and wrapping yourself up with that ghoulish costume is, well, L.O.V.E.

After researching “All Hallow’s Eve,” I was surprised to discover how love plays into Halloween. It seems that back in the olden days, many folks hoping to find love or keep the ones they love, performed spells to do so. Since it’s the day when the dead and alive are so close to one another, Halloween is actually the best day of the year to cast a spell according to folklore.  

I came across a spell that you better believe I will be trying out this year.   There are many variations to it, but it seems quite simple. It’s all centered around the “apple.”  `I like to call it “The Hungry Mirror.” According to folklore, at midnight on Halloween you must cut an apple into nine slices while standing in front of a mirror. Make sure to not summon Bloody Mary in the process, by accidentally cutting yourself and making a bloody mess. Once you have made your snack edible, use the knife to hold each slice as you look into the mirror and eat each piece one by one. According to legend, as you are chomping down on the last of the delicious red (or granny smith) an image of your true love will appear in the mirror over your shoulder. Sound creepy? Heck no! I think it sounds like time saved on wasteful dating.  Try it out this year and tell me about it. I’m just dying to know…



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