We’re heading to Iceland Airwaves! Students enrolled in the Radio Department’s Covering International Festivals: Iceland course will travel to Iceland to cover the festival, Icelandic culture and more, beginning on Nov. 5. Follow their journey here. Check out a preview story below.

Hafdis’s Huld is an Icelandic singer songwriter, whose professional career took off at the age of 15 when she joined the iconic Icelandic band Gus Gus. Two world tours later, she left the band to collaborate with chill-out electronic band F C Kahuna, only to come out with her first solo album, Titled Dirty Paper Cup in 2006. During 2012/3, Huld took a break from touring to concentrate on being a mother with her partner Alisdair’s first child. Huld has never been able to stay away from the studio as she managed to find time to record an album of lullabies sung in Icelandic, called Vogguvisur.

Currently Huld is working on a new album, written all in Icelandic set to come out next year. With that being set YOU have to check out Hafdis Huld as she takes the Frederiksen stage on Friday November 7th at 21:40 GMT at Iceland Airwaves. Listen below as Hafdis Huld talks about being a mother and collaborating with an array of highly respected songwriters.


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