Iceland Airwaves Day One (11/5): Asgeir (REVIEW)

After being awake for almost 48 hours straight, taking a snooze in a warm bed for the night is heaven. What we did in these past 48 hours though is something I’m not soon to forget.

It began with a two-hour flight to New Jersey, where I met up with my family for lunch, and then continued on from there to Iceland with a five-hour flight. When we arrived we got right down to work with a walking tour of Reykjavík to see the different venues we would be calling home this weekend.

The most relaxing part of the day, among all of the chaos of traveling and just becoming acquainted to a new country, was when we hit the oldest pool in Reykjavík, Sundhöllin. Now pools in Iceland are very different from what you may expect.

Going to the pool is an experience that begins with stripping down and showering in a communal area. Men and women are separated, however there is not much privacy within those separations. Once you finish showering you go for a swim, take a couple of laps in the pool just to get your body moving. After that you head outside and relax in the hot tubs. There were two hot pots, one being slightly warmer than the other. The final stage in the swimming experience is going in the sauna. I wasn’t able to make it that far because it was very crowded. So to round out the most relaxing part of this hectic trip so far you shower once more and go on your merry way feeling freshly cleaned and relaxed.

Where the fun truly begins though, and the reason we are here, is the music!

To start the week off right Ásgeir took the stage at Harpa Silfurberg, bringing in the largest audience that night. He came out with a seven-piece orchestra and six-piece band, including himself. Ásgeir played songs from his recently released album In the Silence, however he performed all of the Icelandic versions of the songs, which were actually the first versions. Several weeks ago Ásgeir was on tour in the United States promoting this album and he even stopped in Chicago. Throughout this performance the audience was treated with visions of nature, particularly foliage, and men’s silhouettes. The music was powerful and the bass was beating through the audience’s hearts. Several crowd pleasers included “King and Cross,” “Going Home,” and “Higher.”



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