Iceland Airwaves Day Two (11/6): Momentum, Ghostigital, Atónal Blús, Emilie Nicolas (REVIEW)

On Wednesday, Momentum delivered a cult-like performance at Gaukurinn, with a ritualistic performance that mesmerized their head-banging crowd. Having started in 2003, the heavy metal band has since blended a post-rock influence into their soundscape. Right before their show ended, Momentum gave the audience a taste of their upcoming album The Freak Is Alive, which is due to be released early next year.

A while later, experimental duo Ghostigital played with noise at Húrra by shouting off exciting and somewhat nonsensical lyrics. Their quirky beat sounded as if band members, Curver Thoroddsen and Einar Örn Benediktsson, wrote a single beat and then altered the synthesized saxophone into various rhythms to create a number of different songs.

On Thursday evening, Atónal Blús swept onto the stage at the intimate and rather retro venue, Iðnó. They opened with frontman, Gestur Guðnason’s personal favorite— “Lítið Ljón,” which faded out with a trance-like finale. Their next song, title trackHöfuðsynd,” overtook the cozy room with its thudding reverberations and Guðnason’s humming vocals. The audience’s interest piqued once “Sexy Slave” was announced, the band’s first track of the night to feature some English lyrics, which received a powerful applause. With only a half hour set, Atónal Blús had to cut their set short by one song, but the crowd was clearly hungry for more.



Later, Norwegian pop songstress, Emilie Nicolas, enraptured the Harpa Norðurljós crowd with her 20-minute mystifying presence, evocative of a Scandinavian Lana Del Rey. Her lyrical honesty echoed through the venue as strobe lights revealingly illuminated the audience, as she delivered her penultimate song, “Pstereo.” Nicolas closed out the set with her well-known single, “Grown Up,” where she admits her coming to grips with the transition of adulthood and separating herself from her parents, before exiting the stage with a graceful bow. Her debut album, Like I’m A Warrior was released on September 29, 2014.


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