ICELAND DAY THREE: GRETA SVABO BECH, Lindy Vopnfjörd, Hafdis Huld (review)

Greta Svabo Bech:

Greta had a rough start as she started a few minutes late and the engineers forgot to turn on her mic. Greta was super friendly with the audience, interacting during the entire show. She would share every songs individual story before she performed it. Greta mentioned that her show at Airwaves was super stripped down compared to what she usually does.

Her voice was chilling and her style was something out of a fairy tale. Greta’s lyrics were dark and depressing as every time she would intro a song, Greta told a depressing story as to where the song came from.

Greta didn’t just play songs off of her album, but also performed a couple covers like Arcade Fire and  Platinum Blend’s “Not In Love.” Greta’s amazing performance was rewarded with an intense engaged audience.

Lindy Vopnfjörd

Vopnfjörd started his performance 10 minutes early, having only just a mic and guitar to set up for the Canadian solo artist Lindy Vopnfjörd. Vopnfjörd’s performance was nothing special, as it sounded like something one would hear between shows.

There is a lot of talent within Vopnfjörd, but if he were to acquire a second guitar player or drummer, it would make a huge difference between disappointing and impressive. Half the audience left, the further into the performance the less the crowd was watching. But for the size of the audience, they were all extremely engaged. If one were capable of muting Vopnfjörd, one would be able to hear a pin drop.

Hafdis Huld

One of the most interactive shows to be seen at Iceland Airwaves 2014, Huld held the microphone out to the audience giving them the chance to sing the chorus of her songs. Between every song Huld performed, she took the time to really share the story behind the lyrics. Huld even made a joke about her height, so she stood up on top of a amplifier allowing the entirety of the audience to see.

Huld’s voice is absolutely gorgeous, and enchanting. With her super vivid lyrical stories, her hilarious personality and the ability to draw a crowd closer and closer every second the show went on, Hafdis Huld was definitely one of the best shows at Iceland Airwaves.



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