Iceland Airwaves Day Three (11/7): Kontinuum, Fufanu (Review)

Kontinuum’s guitars were all over the place at Gaukurinn Friday night. The melodies leaped and bounded, and each progression came with a surprise: after the crowd had finally determined the mellow mood of a slow song, guitarists Thorlakkur Thor Gudmansson and Ingi Þór Pálsson would unexpectedly dive into an explosion of sound. To counteract the chaos, vocalist Birgir Thorgeirsson sang with a voice that stayed monotone for much of it’s presence. The combination created dark, dreamlike vocals with an audibly intriguing back-up as Thorgeirsson repeated “My soul is sinking” to a walking bass. The first three rows from the stage thrashed and threw their heads up and down, mimicking the entire band in unison. Kontinuum had an 80’s dark synth feel, but with a full punk rock entourage of guitar, bass and drums.


Two hours later, Fufanu graced the stage with Kaktus Einarsson (above) in the lead, thrashing out schizophrenic dancing with his arms and head gyrating in his confined position ahead of a bass, two guitars and drums. The industrial electronic music radiated with harsh synthesizers giving notes of intended electronic feedback. In the nature of a truly dedicated frontman, Einarsson whipped the microphone around in circles by the cord. His motions completely expressed the chaos erupting from the stage. Gaukurinn was packed with a line still outside, eagerly waiting to catch the last song,
Circus Life,” which was released only in late September of this year.

After a day of producing cultural stories, Kontinuum and Fufanu were a release into the darker side of fun. Audiences were completely raptured in the small, upstairs venue. Both shows left the audience greedy and thirsty for more.


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