Kria Brekkan

Kria Brekkan’s voice was super chilling. For every breath she took before she would start a note, she would use the breath within the tone of her voice. It felt as if the sound of her voice was a ghost passing through you as every word is sung.

There was one point in the show, where you could hear the entire audience singing along to the Brekkan’s songs under their breath. It sounded so haunting, as if it were drawn right out of an old radio audio drama.

Midway through Brekkan’s show, she pulled out a recorder that played feedback sounds and placed it right up against the microphone. It was one of the coolest transitional elements between two songs.

Radical Face

Once Ben Cooper, AKA Radical Face, took the stage, he explained how he had recently hurt his back while working out,  which caused him to remain sitting during his entire performance. Cooper continued to begin every song with the story behind it.

Song #1: Was all about a guy committing suicide and and his wife moving on.

Song #2: Was all about not being welcome in you own hometown anymore.

Song #3: Was all about a husband getting drunk all time, causing his wife to leave and take the kids.

Radical Face explained his love for dark depressing songs throughout the show. With the vivid pictures each song painted in one’s head, Radical Face is sure to be one of the best performances here at the 2014 Iceland Airwaves.

How To Dress Well:

How To Dress Well had one of the more intricate stages for their set, using a giant projector to cast images that moved along to the beat of their songs. This visual effect made his performance very successful.

Three songs in, How To Dress Well thanked the bartenders, janitors and engineers for making the Airwaves festival happen every year. This was the first time I’ve heard an artist here in Iceland give a thank you like that. How To Dress Well had a very genuine stage presence throughout the show. The band really showed how much the fans mean to them.


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