Iceland Airwaves 2014 Day 4 (11/08): DaDa, Lord Pusswhip, Sóley (REVIEW)

Day four of Iceland Airwaves is more accurately described as a continuation of day 3. Together with Delaney Morris, I stayed up late into the night, 5 a.m. to be exact, cutting tape and producing a piece we’ve teamed up on about Icelandic beer and the drinking culture in Iceland. After just 2 short hours of sleep we awoke at 7 a.m. to tour the Icelandic country side with our group.

Iceland is a beautiful country, no matter where we looked there was always a mountain range or moss covered lava field in sight. Unfortunately though I spent much of our bus tour trying to catch up on the sleep I had missed the night before, and as a result was only able to catch the essentials of our tour. Our first stop was at an indoor tomato farm, which felt somewhat unreal, due to either my grogginess or the fact that the vegetables (okay, fruits if you’re a stickler) were growing in this remote area during the start of winter. From there we traveled down the road ten minutes and caught the natural phenomenon that is the Glíma geyser. We enjoyed a quick lunch of Icelandic lamb soup and then were back on the road once again. The final stop in our Golden Circle tour was to see where two tectonic plates are literally tearing the island nation in half, though at a very, very slow rate. After a quick hike up to the top of the North American tectonic plate we headed back to Reykjavík in order to catch our final night of Iceland Airwaves.

DaDa at Frederiksen

Dada is an Icelandic electronic band. The show tonight didn’t see too many audience members, probably less than 30 in all, but that didn’t stop the group from rocking out the bar venue of Frederiksen.  The atmosphere was somewhat subdued but the electronic beats made the bar into something of an exclusive party. The show ended with cheers and applause from the few in attendance.

Lord Pusswhip at Þjóðleikhúskjallarinn

Lord Pusswhip’s show tonight was something of a let down. The two man group consisting of a producer and a drummer, who seemed to have one too many before going on stage, put on a show that failed to get the crowd moving. The offbeat drums paired with a dub step-like beat went on for close to thirty minutes, and the performance seemed to lose more viewers than it gained.

Sóley at Fríkirkjan

Sóley completely rocked out the small church venue of Fríkirkjan tonight. She played several songs off of her upcoming album, telling the audience that they were the guinea pigs for the new tracks. Her set was well received by the packed crowd, receiving cheers and whistles after each and every number. Her stage presence was utterly charming. Between each song she conversed with the crowd and cracked jokes.  If you weren’t able to catch her show tonight then you definitely missed out on one of the stars of this years Airwaves festival.


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