Iceland Airwaves Day Four (11/8): Klassart, Boogie Trouble, Halleluwah, Future Islands (Review)


Klassart played a very enjoyable set at Frederiksen Friday night. While the band’s lead singer Frida Dis Gudmundsdotti was really the star attraction, it was the ’80s-style synths that drove the set. Singing over upbeat songs one could hum all day, Gudmundsdotti was lovely and the band brought a bright, positive vibe to Frederiksen.

Boogie Trouble

Disco’s back, baby. Boogie Trouble not only played the part on Saturday at Iðnó, it looked the part too. Wearing glitter on their faces, the whole band dressed like they had disco fever too.

As if that wasn’t enough of a reason to watch the show, there was also a man on stage who didn’t play an instrument at all. He just danced like John Travolta all night like a disco hype man. Boogie Trouble had to of been the biggest dance party in Reykjavìk Friday night.


Halleluwah’s show at Iðnó Saturday night appeared to have a special significance to lead singer Raketta.

“Iðnó is the oldest theatre in Reykjavìk, and my grandmother was an actress who used to perform here,” Raketta said. “I’d come to see here shows there’s this hidden bar on the third floor with all these dolls. That was always my favorite part.”

Taking the stage herself at the theatre, Raketta rocked back and forth as she gently sang. Meanwhile, synth player Sölvi Blöndal played soft, simplistic melodies next to her. Halleluah was an easy-listening experience even though it was heavy on percussion, which made the band stick out, as far as soft rock goes.

Future Islands

Future Islands singer Samuel Herring knows how to work  the crowd. He danced, pounded his chest, and high-kicked in the air at the Reykjavìk Art Museum. Most important for a singer like that is he wasn’t annoying to watch. His antics were completely believable.

Herring really brought the fire, but keyboard player Gerrit Wellmers was the spark. His catchy hooks were the backbone for every song, and he got the place dancing. Wellmers’ performance was strong, and totally justified Herring’s enthusiasm on stage.


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