Iceland Airwaves Day Four (11/8): Samaris, My Bubba, Yumi Zouma, Adult Jazz (REVIEW)

Samaris opened up on the Harpa Silfurberg stage at 20:00 on November 9, 2014 to a packed audience. The quartet produced a dark and eerie sound that used both percussive and glacial electronic beats. During their performance they were able to stand out by using a clarinet to round out their sound. This added some ambiance to the already trance like music being played. Samaris’ stage presence was great, getting into the music and feeling it beat through their bodies, made everyone else in the audience emulate this feeling.

My Bubba, a Swedish and Icelandic duo performed at Harpa Kaldalón to another packed audience. This duo is a folk acoustic group who has several songs out and yet for the end of their performance at Harpa they decided to do a Marvin Gaye cover song. My, being the Swedish half, and Bubba, being the Icelandic half, were both very harmonious together. The bass player was the main driving force in the show, and the percussion was only subtle. The performance as a whole was relaxed and chill, almost too chill for it being a Saturday night at Airwaves.

Yumi Zouma closed off my night at Harpa Kaldalón as well. This trio hailing from New Zealand brought a very minimalistic performance to the stage. In this performance there was a guitar player, bass player, singer and then all of them had loop machines they were working with to provide the drum beats. The singer Kim Pflaum was very energetic and lively during the show, dancing around the stage and coming up close to the crowd to try and provide a more intimate experience for everyone. Through this energy and the beats of the songs the audience began to clap along and feel the groove.

Now to get back to Friday night, the final band I saw was Adult Jazz. They are a quartet from Leeds and are a very young band. However, the sounds that they produce are one of the most mature there is. They performed at Gamla Bíó. Each of the members of this ensemble was well versed in music, being able to perform on several different instruments. The lead singer, Harry Burgess, sang with two microphones. One being normal and the other having a voice modifier attached to it that he would change every so often. Adult Jazz played songs from their newest album Gist Is. Each song is a work of art, being more than five minutes in length on average the band changes the feel constantly, but it works very well and ends up being beautiful and pleasing to the ears.


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