Iceland Airwaves Day Four (11/8): The Walking Who, Sometime, Amaury

The Walking Who took the stage at Iðnó on Saturday night to perform their latest EP to Iceland Airwaves: Mansions. Vocalist Rohin Paul described to the audience his experience of living in a house together in a small ’60s house in Australia. The house was thought to be haunted after a wealthy old widow passed away and several different artists occupied the space in what Paul described as an “artistic playground,” full of relics of the house’s past occupiers. The Walking Who was experimentally psychedelic. The rock sounds that emulated from the three men’s simple composition of guitar, drum, synth and bass had a country influence. It’s not often that a band sounds like this as they made unearthly sounds to connect the slower, classic rock style.

Sometime graced Húrra Saturday night dressed in clothes that had to be seen to be considered real. Singer Diva de la Rosa came out in a clear plastic dress that displayed her colorful undergarments as synthesizer theDanni played electro-pop jams. Dancing didn’t seem to be the first thing on the local Icelanders agenda at 2 a.m. as the crowd merely bobbed up and down and didn’t move from their spots. The beats were catchy and contagious as Sometime played with claimed acid-drug-influence.

Amaury, a single DJ, spun at a table at Þjóðleikhúskjallarinn. The late night set was in the downstairs area on Friday night to a crowd of maybe 20 people, at most. Amaury described his music as using unique sounds and samples to create a sound that had not yet been done yet. The actual sound, however, was something one would hear upon walking into a classy clothing store. The electronic beats had few changes or interesting transitions. At most, Amaury was disappointing.


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