Iceland Airwaves Day Four (11/8): Júníus Meyvant, Prins Póló, Son Lux (Review)

Júníus Meyvant

Icelandic folk pop artist, Unnar Gísli Sigurmundsson, has performed as a backing vocalist for Hymnalaya, but on Saturday night, he stood before a large crowd at Harpa Norðurljós under the pseudonym, Júníus Meyvant. Despite appearing as a solo artist, he wasn’t quite alone—Meyvant brought along a backing orchestra, complete with a baritone sax, a trombone, a trumpet, a violin, guitars, and drums. After his opening song, Meyvant explained the band’s grandiose presence by demonstrating an impressive opera impression—it’s always been a dream of his to perform alongside a huge orchestra. His second song of the night, “Neon Experience” served as a definition of what listeners were getting themselves into. Meyvant is the kind of guy you could hear humming on low volume in a hole-in-the-wall coffee house, but he’s also got a rambunctious yet emotionally-toned soundscape reminiscent of a jazz club.


 Prins Póló

The quirkiness of Prins Póló at Galma Bíó Saturday night resonated not only through their lead singer; Svavar Pétur Eysteinsson’s, choice of wearing a golden paper crown with a holiday blazer—emphasizing their royal moniker, naturally—but also through their stage set and performance. Drummer Kristján Freyr hammered away at the drum machines, which had t-shirts draped over them to muffle the resonance, while the rest of the band danced around excitedly to playful songs. Their sound fused a heavy bass line and futuristic synthesized beats, which worked well to engage an audience ready to party on the penultimate night of Airwaves.

Son Lux

New York City based band, Son Lux, helped to close down Saturday night at Galma Bíó with heavy thrash and appealingly uneven beats. The reverb echoed through the crowd against smokey white strobe lights, as lead singer Ryan Lott spilled a sound blended with rock and hip-hop.


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