Iceland Airwaves Day Five (11/09): VAR, ghostigital, Rökkurró (review)

Catching the last two thirds of VAR on the final night of Airwaves, the newly formed Icelandic rockers paced their way through some of their self titled material. Myrra’s lead vocals seemingly expanded the intimate Gaukurinn. Each song expanded slowly from soft ambient tones into rolling vocals mixed in with cascading percussion. 

ghostigital elevated the tiring Airwaves hordes into an electrified frenzy with their collected chaos, translated through searing distorted loops. As the set went on, ghostigital got louder. Each song built into shrill, piercing onslaughts that supercharged the Húrra crowd into jumping around the packed dancefloor.

Rökkurró‘s set was a great way to end the Icelandic music festival. Utilizing down-tempo patterns, melded into soaring vocals and droning percussion the group sailed their way through new tracks off of INNRA. One of the most composed sets at the fest, Rökkuro played to the crowd, stopping to take pictures and showed their appreciation for the reception they received.

Temps at the Blue Lagoon range from 98-102 F and the water is rich in sulphur and silica
Temps at the Blue Lagoon range from 98-102 F and the water is rich in sulphur and silica

Spending the last week on nearly no sleep, being able to spend time outside of the capital at the Blue Lagoon was the perfect way to relax and recharge from a week of interviews and late nights covering shows. Being able to ease into the baby blue, warm mineral-rich water was a surreal way wind down a fast-paced week. After swimming we ended up going to a flea market and then we went out for another take on Icelandic seafood at Icelandic Fish & Chips before catching the final night of shows.



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