Iceland Airwaves Day Five (11/9): Var (REVIEW)

The class relaxing at the Blue Lagoon.
The class relaxing at the Blue Lagoon.

Today was a magical day in Iceland. The class was able to go visit the Blue Lagoon, which is essentially a spa and hot spring. This lagoon was surrounded by lava fields that stretched far and wide. The lagoon itself was, as evident by it’s name, very blue. When we were swimming in it we were all looking for those warm/hot pockets of water. When they were found, the class as a whole just let out a sigh of relief and comfort. While at the Blue Lagoon we also all put on a mud mask, which dried on our faces and made us all shiver a bit because it was windy. We ended our time at the Blue Lagoon by going under a massage waterfall and sauna.

Later that evening after everyone took a much needed nap, we headed out into the city to enjoy the last night of Airwaves. The first show we hit was for VAR, who played at Gaukurinn. This Icelandic band can be described as being dreamlike and eerie with their sounds and overall they provided a great atmosphere within  the venue.

As the night continued on we all hopped from venue to venue just hanging out and listening to whatever was playing. It was a great night and I’m sad that Airwaves is over, but it only just made me want to come back for another one sometime in my, hopefully, near future!


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