Iceland Airwaves 2014: A Trip Unlike Any Other

Visiting Iceland was like visiting in alien planet. Vast, barren, and mountainous from afar, it was unlike anything I’ve ever seen from up close. In some parts, the ground was just completely covered in moss and it felt like I was walking on a sponge. In others parts where the ground was littered with miles of volcanic rock, Iceland looked like the moon. Then there was the Northern Lights, the complete rainbow that loomed over Thursday, and most importantly, the Blue Lagoon. I’d never have thought I’d swim in a geothermal hot spring.

Beyond the beautiful terrain outside Reykjavìk, being in the city was a very unique experience of its own. Many of the buildings were painted different colors: Red, blue, green. and yellow all in a row. For the most part, the graffiti was actually art. It wasn’t all just tasteless tagging. It was wonderful to be in a city that was so quaint and quiet during the day.

At night though, Iceland Airwaves made Reykjavìk erupt. I go to plenty of shows in the U.S., but it was so nice to be exposed to so many new bands for once. I never get to hear Icelandic bands back home, and now I have so much new music to listen to. Iceland Airwaves was one of the coolest experiences of my life and I know I’ll be coming back one day.


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