Iceland Airwaves Day 6 (Reflection)

What can I say about my first time leaving the country? It’s really hard to put into words. Going to Iceland was by far one of the best experiences of my entire life. The food was so good, from the fresh seafood to the hot dogs. Oh, and I ate at least 12 of those hot dogs. The country was absolutely beautiful as well. Being able to see the Northern Lights our last night in Iceland was so special. It’s a once in a lifetime experience and it was worth every penny to go see them. The music was even better. I knew going in that CELL7 would be a good rapper but she blew me away with her two perfect performances. Of all the shows that I saw while I was in Iceland I definitely think that CELL7 could be the one to break into the music scene in the United States. But what really stands out to me about my first time leaving the country was the company I had with me.


Seven days ago, 10 college students left as friends and are returning to Chicago as a family…

I had so much fun with my classmates every single day. The fact that we didn’t kill each other says wonders about how close we are. I’m not sure any of us slept for more than 15 hours throughout the entire week. I truly cherish the friendships and bond that I have developed with my classmates this week. I would also like to thank Althea for taking us on this trip and being our guide throughout the week. It was an awesome experience to be thrown in the environment of a music festival. This trip is everything that Columbia College represents to me. I have worked for four and a half years to graduate college and I do so in a few weeks. Every penny spent and every loan that is stacking up was made worthwhile because of this trip.

However, I will say this. I cannot wait to go back to my city to eat some Chipotle, watch a Blackhawks game, and get ready to graduate college in 5 weeks.



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