Iceland Airwaves Day Six (11/10)

Spending a week in Iceland has taught me a lot about the country and culture. I’ve learned that it’s acceptable to be indecisive about meal choices and no one will question you for standing in a hot dog line at 2 a.m. with a slice a pizza from around the corner. I’ve learned that if you stand close enough to the coast and weigh less than 200 pounds, you will be blown over. I’ve learned that eating a puffin is disgusting but whales are a delicacy. I’ve learned that just because a band doesn’t have commercial success or millions of roaring fans doesn’t mean their music doesn’t have the most genuinely crafted sound.

But I think the most important thing I learned is that forcing ten college students to collaborate on a radio documentary while sleep deprived and in a constant state of hungry is, oddly enough, the best experience one could ever ask for.

I could be gushy and sentimental like my colleagues, but I’ve learned too much about each and every one of them that a generic thanks will not do.  Experiencing Iceland with these goons has allowed me to see Iceland in more ways than I could have imagined.


I’ve learned that it’s always better to have a dance partner and never modify your behavior, even if the rest of the crowd restricts themselves to the slightest of head bobbing.  I’ve also learned that late night walks with no specific destination can lead to the sides of landmarks you may not have seen in daylight.  I’ve learned that friends are there to keep you company, support you, love you, and to be a stand-in pillow when you can’t bare the stress of deadlines.  I’ve learned that price is just a number and shouldn’t stop you from seeing or having something if it adds to your memories.


The only question that Iceland left unanswered? Turn down for what?


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