Is the Yes Movement Dead?

yes movement

What is the Yes Movement? I’m not entirely sure, but by the end of this blog I hope to have an answer for you. The Yes Movement in my opinion started on December 9th, 2013. On that day a championship ascension ceremony took place to mark the unification of the WWE Title held by John Cena and the World Heavyweight title held by Randy Orton. This event would be the lead-in for the 19th match-up between the two at WWE TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs (2013). I’d say fans were tired of Orton/Cena around match twelve though some would argue sooner.

orton cena meme

Before I go on I must address the fact that professional wrestling fans are the most knowledgeable, passionate and rabid fans of any fan base I know. I refer to professional wrestling fans as a subculture. Its a subculture of sports and entertainment. (See what I did) Pro wrestling doesn’t quite fit in with sports or entertainment. It’s a mix of both. When fans heard that they would have to sit through Orton/Cena 19 to say they were upset would be an understatement.


Fans wanted something different, something new, someone new to cheer for. Enter Daniel Bryan. Bryan had be regulated to being a sort of comedic character while in the tag team Hell No. On December 9th, 2013 that changed. In a segment featuring two of the company’s biggest stars the entire arena was chanting for Daniel Bryan. The crowd was chanting so loud that the promo was changed on the fly to include the crowd favorite.

In the coming months Bryan’s popularity would continue to rise. During the 2014 Royal Rumble Match, a match where the winner goes on to main event Wrestlemania Daniel Bryan lost. The match was won by a returning Batista. This takes us to March 10, 2014. Fan’s had been planning a “Takeover” of WWE’s flagship show ‘Monday Night Raw’. A key thing to note here is that WWE fan’s were the first fans on a large scale to realize if they wanted to they could alter the product being presented to them. Imagine for example if during the Super Bowl every fan started chanting “Boring” or even an expletive. A network cannot censor the entire crowd. Once WWE fans realized the power they had they let WWE know it. WWE took notice of this potential “takeover” and created a story out of it.

Now it was Wrestlemania 30 and Daniel Bryan was in the main event. Even after the unthinkable happened in Undertaker losing at Wresltemania Daniel Bryan was able to reenergize the crowd. That night I was proud to be a wrestling fan. We, the fans had changed what was supposed to happen and our guy won. Fast forward to today. Daniel Bryan will not be headlining Wrestlemania 31. The most “over” (popular) wrestler since Stone Cold Steve Austin is being treated as if he has done something wrong. Daniel Bryan is everything WWE should want in a star. He transcends just being a pro wrestling star and is a main stream star too. This man, this bearded unkept wrestler in the fans eyes IS STILL OUR GUY. Whatever match Daniel Bryan is in at Wrestlemania 31 I’m sure will be a classic. Will the fans “takeover” the questionable main event of Reigns vs. Lesnar? We’ll see.


February 3, 1959 was the day the music died. As of right now the “yes movement” is not dead. With so many new pro wrestling alternatives to WWE it will be interesting to see what WWE does with their most popular wrestler. So what is the Yes Movement? Hope…hope for a better tomorrow.

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