My Morning Jacket Is Ready for Spring

On Tuesday, March 31st, Kentucky native jam band, My Morning Jacket, released their second single from their long awaited 7th studio album. Following their first single, released early this month, “Big Decisions“,  “Spring (Among the Living)” is a classic My Morning Jacket tune but with a hint of new and exciting psychedelic rock fusion. Uplifting, positive, spiritual lyrics accompanied by beautiful melodic guitar hums as the drums build and build. You can hear the colored layers of musical expression, from the bass,to the guitar riffs to the violins. My Morning Jacket has shaken winter off of their backs and have returned with a new blossom of pure indie rock.

Since 1999, My Morning Jacket have shared their musical styles of psychedelic indie rock within 6 studio albums and have been named one of the greatest live bands of our generation. To take their fandom to the next level, the band was featured on an episode of American Dad Featured image(My Morning Straight-Jacket).They played the band the main character was obsessed with. It featured songs from their 5th album “Evil Urges” and vocal appearances from the band – Jim James, Tom Blankenship, Patrick Hallahan, Bo Koster and Broemel as themselves.

Four years after the release of 2011 “Circuital“, debuted number 5 on the Billboard Top 200 it’s first week on-sale. My Morning Jacket is set to release their new album The Waterfall (May 4th) as well as a summer tour, stopping in Chicago for three performances at the Chicago Theater in June. The band has only released two singles, but from those singles “The Waterfall” will be a new My Morning Jacket experience that will surely change the jam band game.

Featured image

Jess Samson

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