Lend A Helping Hand


Today on my way home from school I was waiting for the bus like I normally do. While, waiting I heard a loud scream coming from the escalator there appeared an old lady who was laying on the stairs it seemed as if she had fallen or got stuck trying to come up the escalator with her cane.

A middle aged man rushed over to help the old lady while everyone else just stared at her I could tell the old lady was in pain. Meanwhile, I immediately felt bad and wondered “how would I feel in a situation like this?” or “would someone be willing to help me?”

A few minutes later the bus arrived as I waited to enter the bus the old lady asked me if I could help her onto the bus and to her seat and I said I would.

Then I proceeded to sit down at the seat of my choice as I arrived at my stop and it was time for me to go I politely tapped the old lady on the shoulder and told to have a great day.

Overall, you never know what someone maybe going through or how they maybe feeling just that one random act of kindness could have made her day as it made mines.

Thought Of The Day “It’s okay to become a blessing to others”.


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