To Pimp a Butterfly


Kendrick Lamar is a Hip Hop artist from Compton California he has recently released his 3rd studio album entitled “To Pimp a Butterfly”. Many people ask why did he choose that name as the title of the album while listening to the album I found out that it can mean a numerous of things from him taking his celebrity and doing something good with it or it can show how the industry looks at an artist and how they pimp artist out or it can mean how the world around views you coming from an Urban community.

Listening to this album I noticed how he incorporated live instrumentation and when he recorded the album you can tell that he freestyled and had something like an impromptu session. This album has more of a Jazz, Funk, vibe even though it is still Hip Hop for example, his first single off the album King Kuta is very melodic and funky so it set the tone for the rest of the album.

Many Hip Hop fans have already claimed this album to be a classic. In my opinion how can an album be a classic when it just dropped people actually have to live with it, and critique it. Kendrick Lamar even stated don’t call his album a classic because when you do it devalues the project.

One of my favorite songs off the album that I enjoy entitled “Wesley’s Theory” which tells how when he gets money he wants to stunt and ball out with his friends but the reverse is when you do get the money the school system doesn’t teach you how to manage your money or how to save. I thought the message of this song was so important because these are things youth need to know that many people don’t teach.

From Jazz, Funk, and Spoken word it’s something for everyone to enjoy on this album. This album is necessary because of society and the state that we are living in. Overall, this album pushes the culture of Hip Hop.

– Alexis.O

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