The actual meaning of Joe Maddon quotes

By Shane Riordan

If you’re not yet familiar with the vocal stylings of new Cubs manager, Joe Maddon, you’re in for a treat. Think Ozzie Guillen, but comprehensible and appropriate for all audiences.

But Joe Maddon’s deep, philosophical thoughts and ideas got me thinking… Do they really mean what we think they mean? Is Joe really referencing a double play in the 6th inning, or are his words deeper than that? Let’s take a look at his most recent thoughts. Following the quote, in bold, you’ll see what I think he’s saying.

“He’s getting a lot of information from all of us, and I think at some point, sometimes it’s our fault.” Maddon after it was revealed the GM of the St. Louis Cardinals, John Mozeliak had hired Edward Snowden to hack into the Cubs’ front offices.

“This is a one in a 107-year opportunity.” Maddon on not missing out on the chance to celebrate the 107-year anniversary of the 46th star being added to the US flag for Oklahoma.

“I play well in the sandbox, I really do.” Maddon trying to cover his tracks after a Lakeview mother caught him pushing her child off the swings at a local park.

“Why would I ever want to change? Why would I ever want to try to do something different that’s counter to my nature, my personality, whatever? Why would I want to do that? It shouldn’t matter where you’re located.” Maddon’s response to a woman on Tinder after all she said was, “We don’t have much in common… And 75 miles is kind of far for a meet-up.”

“We’re going to have a specific area set aside for (bringing) your dog in – like a little kennel – or maybe like a penguin now and then.” Maddon after installing “Sims 3: Night Life” on Theo Epstein’s computer. 

We’ll continue to diagnose Joe Maddon’s words as the season progresses.

Shane Riordan is a blogger at WCRXFM.COM and 88.1FM and has hosted sports programming in the past on said station. He currently  blogs about everything and anything for WCRX right here and you can contact him on twitter @Shane_Riordan.


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