Youngsters In WWE That Made An Impact

Recently Jordan Spieth became the second-youngest player to win “The Masters” of golf.  At age 21 Spieth has already been labeled as the next great golfer. This made me take a closer look at some wrestlers who made their mark at a young age just like Spieth.

R64fwMd - Imgur

Brock Lesnar wins WWE Undisputed Title at age 25.
2002 was a simple time. The sun shined brighter, the food tasted better and the WWE title looked alot better. It was Brock Vs Rock.  In a match that no one thought Rock would lose he lost. The crowd turned on Rock and wanted something new. What we got was THE NEXT BIG THING!

Maven eliminates the Undertaker at age 26.
In what might be the greatest moment in Royal Rumble history, Maven drop kicking the Undertaker out of the rumble was simply great. Undertaker at this point was the American Badass and the ring was his yard. Maven being the one to eliminate Undertaker was shocking in every good way possible.

Jeff Hardy wins one half of the World Tag Titles at age 21.
In 1999 The Hardyz won the World Tag Titles from the Acolytes. Jeff Hardy was only 21. Matt Hardy was 25. Just like Jeff I’m 21. I have four months to win the tag team titles. Anyone interested in teaming up?

Randy Orton wins the World Title at age 24.
The age of Orton began with a shocking title change at SummerSlam 2004. I’d like to think by age 24 I’ll be a world champion…again.

René Duprée wins one half of the World Tag Titles at age 19.
As one half of “La Resistance” Duprée won the tag titles at Bad Blood 2003. At 19 that makes Duprée the youngest champion in WWE history. At 19 my ex-girlfriend broke the cupholder in my car.  I think me and Duprée might have had different experiences at 19.

 I hope you enjoyed this article. If you didn’t and after reading this your sad because you haven’t won a title at your advanced age. Here is a gif of what I was doing at 17. Have a nice day!
pFCU4Bw - Imgur

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