Spider-Man Vs Spider-Man

By Kevin McLaughlin

With Sony Entertainment and Marvel Studios working out a deal to finally allow Spider-Man into the Marvel Cinematic Universe (or MCU for short), the search is now on to find the next actor who will take over spider Spider-Man and star alongside Chris Evans as Captain America and Robert Downey Jr as Iron Man.

Now personally, I though Andrew Garfield did an amazing job (pun intended) as Spider-Man and as Peter Parker. He did a much better job than Tobey Maguire. The main reason is that Andrew had the look of both Peter Parker and Spider-Man.  He had the awkwardness of a nerd pre-bite and the sarcastic wit post-bite. Whereas Tobey’s Spider-Man just had a pair of glasses and a little bit of the awkwardness pre-bite.

Also, the reaction in The Amazing Spider-Man (Garfield’s movie) had a more realistic feel to it. He realizes that he had just been bitten by a strange-looking spider and he freaked the heck out, and then he was all like “Okay! I might as well see what I can do”.  In Maguire’s Spider-Man, he gets bitten in the lab where the spider was being made and he doesn’t tell anybody. Then he wakes up the next morning, he notices that he was more “buff” or toned, and he doesn’t need his classes anymore. His reaction was a little unbelievable; he’s all like “Okay whatever”.

Spider-Man Also, as you can see in the picture above and also in the trailer, Spider-Man’s web are coming from his web shooter.  Webs–something he made by himself, just like the comics, and aren’t coming from his body, like in Tobey Maguire’s film! Now these are just some of my opinions on the subject, and no matter who they choose to play Spider-Man, I really hope this next person does his research, and that they get a good writer….and I’m not even going into the topic of whether they should choose Peter Parker or the Miles Morales Spider-Man. Comic book logistics are VERY confusing.

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