Top 5 Showstoppers in the Rap Game

In the hip hop and rap genres of music I honestly believe performing live is a key aspect as an artist. I expect you to put on a lively and fun show as you perform hit after hit to your fans making sure they are getting their dollars worth and more. Love it or hate it these are my favorite rap performers in the game.

  1. Drake
    The 6 God starts this list off representing Canada while displaying the ability to sell out shows constantly in the United States. Drake has a huge song library ranging from his own music or guest verses and majority of them being hits. Drake displays a great ability to exude energy and a presence even when he is performing his soft love songs. He would be much higher on the list but Drake lacks the on stage movements come off corny, yet because it is Drake he makes it work.

  1. Tyler the Creator
    Many are probably wondering why Tyler the Creator on the list. Even  if you are not a fan of his music, his live shows are wild blasts of energy and swagger.Tyler The Creator shows look like a rock show Both in the way he is able to just give the crowd energy with his great choice of instrumentals in his music and the way he interacts with audience. No rapper willingly just throws himself in the crowd and crowd surf’s while still rapping.A unique reason why I enjoy Tyler the Creator’s shows. Tyler may not have a strong assortment of hits and singles like Drake, but his fans know his music and those who don’t can easily catch on or just vibe with the crowd. Regardless he is a great performer especially with Odd Future on stage with him.

  1. Lil Wayne
    Lil Wayne playlist from 2003 to 2009 alone are full of hits, half of which are not on albums or mixtapes. So whether you are a hardcore fan or not you will hear something you like. Wayne has a swagger and presence that can easily get the crowd going no matter tempo of the song beating out Tyler the Creator and giving him the jump over Drake. What really sets Wayne apart from the above rappers though is his presence. Never will i forget watching TV and seeing him perform gossip. I literally still get chills of excitement like i was there. Lil Wayne easily goes down as one of the better MCs in the studio and live

  1. Jay-Z
    I don’t recall ever seeing a bad Jay-Z performance. HE has the playlist, the swagger, presence, and energy. Jay-Z has an insane ability to perform any song he recorded and perform it live start to finish.  Hov now a often performs with a live band. Honestly his best shows are done with a live band and it’s something not many hip hop artist can do. Jay-Z does it best.

  1. Kanye West
    Yes  crucify me for putting Kanye over Jay-Z. Kanye knows how to bring attention to himself and that works for him performing live. Yeezy doesn’t give you a live show, he gives you an experience which involves his personality swagger, endless musical playlist (despite him being stingy) and his random acts of “Oh its just Ye being Ye”. Just like Jay-Z I don’t recall him ever having bad performance, even when he performed his trash Yeezus album. And final reason why Ye gets the number one spot is because he outperformed Jay-Z during the Watch The Throne tour thus giving him the advantage.


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