An Elderly Bowling-Alley Employee, A Goth-Chick, and a Ten Year Old Become the Next Great Band In Diane Coffee’s Hilarious New Music Video

By Andrew Smith

Sean Flemming is on his musical game. Aside from playing drums in the legendary rock group, Foxygen, he also writes solo music under the name, Diane Coffee.  Flemming has just released a music video for his newest single, entitled “Everyday.”

In the video, Flemming assembles a band of misfits, which includes an elderly bowling-alley employee, a goth-girl, and a ten year old. Through weeks of ridiculous training exercises (the bass player lifts pin-sized weights with each finger), the group rises to local fame as they pull off an epic performance at the community center.

“Eveyyday” sounds like it was ripped straight from the 1970s, and shows influence of groups like The Supremes and Donovan. You can pick up Diane Coffee’s upcoming album on September 4th through the Western Vinyl label.


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