Inside Out Review-A Glance at Human Emotion

By Josh Winchester


There comes a time when a movie comes along that stands out from others in terms of overall story and what it evokes from its audience. Pixar’s “Inside Out” is just such a film, delivering the compelling story of emotions (represented as human like figures) guiding the actions and life of a young girl, and how each emotion plays a significant part in the overall character of said girl.

Using stellar animation, combined with an amazing voice cast, this latest Pixar film shows that faith in the animation company can remain strong, despite public opinion of some of the Pixar’s films being less than stellar.

But faith once more can be put in the hands of Pixar Studios, and I for one am putting my hand back into the Animation Studio and looking forward to further great films that the company will produce (hopefully).

I encourage everyone who reads this review to go see the film. It will make you laugh, it will make you cry (depending on the person) and it will make you stop and think, genuinely think and feel something inside you, on a level unlike anything felt from watching an animated film before. It certainly made me think and recall the anxiety I went through when I moved to a new place growing up, leaving my old life behind for a new one. Any film that can evoke that kind of emotion is for sure worth going to.

All in all, I give it five out of five stars for plot, animation, characters/casting, and for resonating with me and hopefully other movie goers on such a deep, personal level.

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