This New Miley Cyrus


If you were to ask me ‘what is the first thing that comes to mind when I say “Miley Cyrus” back in 2012 I would have answered with comments about her perfect bun, her edgy music and her fabulous style. If If I were asked the same question today in 2015, I would say unicorns and lots and lots of glitter.

Over the years people’s views of Miley Cyrus have been all across the board. She may have taken the term ‘happy hippie’ to a whole new level, but we are still talking about her.

Our generation grew up during the time of the ‘Hannah Montana’ phenomenon but truth is, Miley is not the same person and we all have to move past that period of time.   But what people don’t notice is that Miley seems to be happier these days. She is still an amazing person, just a little odd and what she does best is making music.

This past month, she has released her new album ‘Miley Cyrus and Her Dead Petz’ for free on Soundcloud.  The album, pays tribute to her late pets that meant the world to her but some of the songs sound a bit rushed and tend to be all over the place. I took the time to sit down and listen to her new music even though I admit that I’m still partial to her “Breakout” album.

Even in her last album, ‘Bangerz’ which I loved, she still incorporated the traditional Miley Cyrus sound with the R&B/Hip-Hop influences from her mentors.  I think the main reason I have not been able to grasp the ‘Miley Cyrus and Her Dead Petz’ album is because of the quick transition she made from her rap influenced music to the happy hippie music.

The Disney-darling-turned-twerking-diva will always spark some controversy but you know what?  Folks can’t stop talking about.  She recently announced a short 7 date tour to promote her new album, with some specific shows selling out in less than two minutes.  She still has a strong following and she makes headlines where ever she goes.  She may be a bit misguided but I give Miley her props!

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