Roger Waters The Wall – Blu-ray review

 By Taylor Jarrad


This fall a lot of DVD and Blu-ray collections are coming out. The Beatles 1 which features a collection of their music videos and live performances, Frank Zappa’s ROXY The Movie which is a live performance of Zappa and the Mothers live performance at the Roxy Theatre back in 1973. But there’s one movie that overshadows both of those, Roger Waters, The Wall.

The documentary revolves around the end of the 2013 The Wall tour.  It gives fans the chance to witness The Wall like they never have before, with more lights, lasers and puppets. Waters shows that just like fine wine, music can become better with age.

All throughout the movie Roger Waters takes a road trip around Europe to visit war memorials, something personal to him since he lost his father in World War II. You start to look deeper into another side of this musician that created this famous 1979 album.

Through interviews with Waters and other significant people in his life you can see the pain and torment that hides inside his soul. He shares with us  why this movie is based on his own personal struggles and explains what it was like growing up in a post World War II era without a father. Waters also reunites with Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason as they share personal stories of the original tour of the Album.

“All in all we’re all just bricks in the wall” so check out this amazing rockumentary personally written and produced by one of the world’s greatest bass players, Roger Waters.

Roger Waters The Wall comes out December 1st on DVD and Blu-ray.  You can order it at




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