David Bowie Blackstar





By Taylor Jarrad

David Bowie has left the world but not before giving us one gift from his imagination.  Blackstar was Bowie’s 27th studio album and it was one that left many feeling empty after the singer’s death.

The album was topping the charts for three weeks until it started to slowly make its way out of the top 10.  But the question is-was the album really that great?  Or like many legends who have died before  Bowie, did the album make its way to the top due to his name being in the media because of his death?  Michael Jackson, John Lennon, Elvis Presley are all perfect examples of topping the charts after their death.  After years of not being in the top, their music charted once again after their death.

Blackstar was released on January 8th, David Bowie’s birthday. He passed away January 10th. This album just screams Bowie and even though I am a fan of the Starman himself, was it really worthy of being number one for three weeks?  Yes, and no. Its definitely Bowie, but it’s the alter ego no one’s really seen in a long while, namely Jazz Bowie.

From the strange chord progressions with random saxophone solos, to what sounds like the same drum pattern over and over again, Blackstar is indeed a great sendoff. But it wasn’t really worthy of being number one for so many weeks. Timing is everything and unfortunately the album picked up wind at a time where fans wanted to be apart of something bigger. Two years ago Bowie released The Next Day where it slowly went up and peaked at number 2 on US charts. Where as Blackstar seemed to start and stay at number one for longer. To some fans Blackstar isn’t as complete or well done as The Next Day.

The Next Day was really a well thought out and written album which won awards for being a great comeback album, Blackstar just seemed like a improvisational art piece that seemed a little unfinished.

Blackstar can be purchased on the Itunes Store or Amazon






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