Zendaya: “Something New”

By Abby Nelson
For the last year, Zendaya has been a popular topic. She has become quite the singing sensation, with songs featuring Bobby Brackins and Ty Dolla $ign.
Zendaya recently released her latest single, ‘Something New’ featuring Chris Brown. The song is a new spin on the popular 1990s song, ‘Creep’ by TLC. The original instrumental is used throughout the song but Zendaya and Chris Brown put more of a modern spin on the song.
The song talks about wanting new love in your life. The lyrics show Zendaya’s maturity and how she has really grown up since her Disney Channel days. She has outgrown the younger crowd and is now loved by all.  Who would have thought that someone as popular and significant as Khloe Kardashian and Kobe Bryant would be obsessed with Zendaya. 
‘Creep’ by TLC is a classic hit and will always be a popular song but for this new generation, ‘Something New’ is the perfect spin. Zendaya is a great role model and has a funky style.  Adding Chris Brown to the song made this collaboration work so well. 
Listen to the original, ‘Creep’ by TLC and compare to Zendaya’s new hit. Which do you prefer? The classic or the new? 
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