Chicago’s House Legend Gene Farris at The Virgin Hotel

Everyone living in Chicago deserves a night out to feel fancy. Chicago company Sin Label set out on Thursday February 18, 2016 to do just that.

You walk into the Virgin Hotel and get escorted to the elevator where you hit the top floor. When the doors open on floor 26, you walk out to be greeted by the the thumping of house music. You turn the corner to find the dj booth and dance floor in the middle of the room surrounded by tables and a  bar off to each side.

Everyone at the event is dressed to impress. You have a view of the city through every window in the room which is a nice touch. There are light up animal heads in cages and soft lighting to also add to the atmosphere. The night is still early, and most people are waiting around the bar getting drinks- not yet dancing to the music. Around 10:30pm, Gene Farris finally takes the stage. Before you know it, the dance floor is filled with young adults ready to dance.

Gene Farris has been performing since the 90’s, bringing an Acid House feel to the stage. One of the first things I noticed was that Gene does not use a laptop while performing, he simply has all his songs on a flashdrive. Gene was able to keep the crowd dancing at all times and even had them singing along to a few songs. Everyone had smiles on their face and stayed on the dance floor for his entire hour and a half set.


If you are looking to catch this Chicago House Legend soon, you can head out to Gene Farris and Friends which happens monthly at Chicago club, Primary.


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