Lorde Gives the ‘Green Light’ on Her New Single

By Angel Stewart

Since the release of her first album, Pure Heroine, in 2013, we haven’t heard much new music from Lorde. After the success of the album, she followed up with tours, festival appearances, and features on The Hunger Games soundtrack and released a song with Disclosure, and then disappeared off the radar.

During her hiatus from the spotlight, Lorde grew as both a woman and a musician. At only 16, Lorde’s first album was about growing up and getting through her teenage years. Now 20 years old, Lorde has made it clear that she’s all grown up. Her new track ‘Green Light’ steers away from her youthful lyrics to something a bit more mature and vulnerable: heartbreak. The pain she felt is evident in the beginning of the song, but progressively moves to remembering the past, and by the end of the song you can hear a sense of freedom in her voice. The slow, melodic piano notes at the forefront of the track build into a faced paced dance beat that coincides with the progression of the story. Through this song, it’s evident that Lorde is all grown up, and her music has grown with her. When she first started giving hints about her sophomore album, titled ‘Melodrama’, she promised it would be much different from the first and she definitely held herself to it.

Personally, I’m looking forward to Lorde’s transition to adulthood portrayed through ‘Melodrama’, and if the rest is anything like ‘Green Light’, we can expect something great.

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