Afrobeats is a modern genre of music, which originated from West Africa and was invented by Fela Kuti. It incorporates elements of traditional Yoruba music and Ghanaian highlife with the Western sounds of jazz, funk, and soul.

Fela Kuti


The Afrobeats genre has become more mainstream and popular outside of West Africa. There are a lot African and foreign collaborations, and as a result, you can hear Afrobeats music on several playlists and radio. The genre not only focuses on the music you sense of the African culture.

DJ Neptizzle

It is fascinating to see people not necessarily African, championing the genre. Dj Neptizzle is a top UK Vietnamese DJ I admire. He fully represents Afrobeats in the UK, and nothing held him back, not even the language barrier. He may not understand the language as much but he definitely follows the culture and rhythm, and this reflects his style of djing.


Screen Shot 2018-02-23 at 10.19.47.png

Many countries personalise the genre and add their flavour to it. So, there is British Afrobeats, Ghanaian, Nigerian, Jamaican and the list goes on. This makes the genre live on and makes it appreciated by many.




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