Alumni Blogs

B-Side Radio

2010 Radio Grad Gabe “Square One” Mendoza’s take on Hip Hop Culture and the Chicago scene with his blog,  MyBsideBlog.  Check out videos, reviews and interviews with up and coming as well as established artists.

Vulture AM

Matthew Malone’s awesome photo and audio look at indie culture around Chicago.  Get a backstage pass by checking out his happenings and musings at VultureAM.

Chicago Style

Whether  Conversations on Chicago Sports or Politics alumi Justin Kaufmann is a lover of all that is Chicago.  His blog is an fresh take on the happenings in and around the City of Big Shoulders.

Midway Madness

MacKinley Salk brings you highlights from Chicago’s high school, college and pro teams in his blog and podcast Midway Madness

Write Click Cook Listen

WCCL combines music with cooking. Featuring recipes that are both Joel Holtry ‘s own and ones that come from bands. Yes musicians need to eat too!  He interviews bands, review restaurants and do a monthly music cast.  Check out his tasty treats at WriteClickCookListen

Drea O

Drea O is everywhere you go, covering every happening event in Chicago and beyond. DreaO.Com will bring you new music exclusive, interviews and news from all around the world!


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