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Imerman Angels

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There is no better form of feeling than having someone in your corner that has fought the same battle you are facing. Cancer is no different. Imerman Angels connect cancer fighters, survivors, and caregivers who have fought cancer, are fighting cancer, or have cared for a loved one with cancer.

One of the co-founders, Jonny Imerman, was diagnosed with testicular cancer at age 26. It changed him more than just physically, it taught him just how precious life really is. As he made his courageous recovery, he was surrounded by loving family, but none of which shared his experience. This inspired gave him the idea to create Imerman Angels.

Co-founder of Imerman Angels and 

Since its inception in 2003, thousands have been connected with someone who understands their experience first hand. These angels are connected via email, phone, and some are connected in person. They organization provides support throughout all 50 states and 93 countries.

If you are fighting or have fought cancer, even if you have been a caregiver for someone with cancer, you are invited to become a mentor to someone else going through that experience. If you have never battled or cared for someone else with cancer, you can support Imerman Angels by volunteering to run for Team Imerman in different marathons throughout the U.S., which are listed on their website), or volunteer to work at fundraising events. For more information on this organization, visit




This IS America: A Critique by Alexa DeVon

this is america

I am positive that you have seen the music video for Childish Gambino’s new single, “This is America.” It begins quite entertaining, with Mr. Glover dancing and making facial humorous expressions. He then takes an awkward stance and shoots a guy in the head. Then the first verse begins, “This is America, don’t catch ya slippin’…” He hands the gun to a child as the tropical beat transform into a trap beat.

With the exception of a few scenes, majority of the video follows Childish Gambino, and the group of kids pictured, as they dance, chaos surrounding them. One scene resembles the Charleston, SC mass shooting, where Childish Gambino dances into what appears to be a church-like set-up with a choir singing the hook over the trop.  someone tosses him a rifle, he turns and clears the room. Again, the trap beat returns, “This is America…”



This scene in particular made me extremely uncomfortable. My insides sank almost immediately. It was not until this moment, 3/4 through the video, that I realized what was really going on: this was social commentary.

I watched the video through numerous times, attempting to grasp every detail (take it from me, it’s almost impossible). Obviously, the goal of the video was to point out America’s character flaw: pop culture is used to distract us all from the senseless violence around us. The song itself also functions as a “troll” song, poking fun at the materialistic values and lack of morals portrayed in trap music and/or mumble rap.

I could literally go on for days. Instead, I will close with this:

Well Done, Donald Glover. Well done.


Alexa DeVon