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Iceland Airwaves Day 6 (11/10): Reflection

Sitting here in the lobby of Fosshotel Baron, checked out and bags packed, it’s hard for me to take in the full scope of this trip. So much happened in just 7 short days, which in reality were some of the longest of my life, averaging about 3 solid hours of sleep each night. I don’t even know where to begin.

I don’t think I’ll ever forget waking up everyday and looking out my window to see the beautiful snow covered peaks of Mount Esja across the bay. I hope I’ll never lose the great nights out and the amazing feeling of being  able to cut a line that stretched around the block, all due to some silly blue wristband with the word “press” printed on it. But the one thing I know will stay with me forever are the amazing people I was so lucky to share this experience with.

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Iceland Airwaves Day 5 (11/09): Ghostdigital (REVIEW)

Day five of our trip to Iceland was by far one of my favorites, we got to go to the Blue Lagoon. When we arrived the five guys in our class were ready for the swimming pool etiquette that I mentioned earlier. We all quickly disrobed and headed to the shower only to find that, since it’s mainly a tourist attraction, protocol didn’t apply here, everyone was still in their trunks. We laughed off the easy mistake and headed out to the warm lagoon waters shortly there after.

The lagoon’s waters took something of a learning curve to get the hang of. I was originally expecting a large pool of water divided into a few sections of varying heat. But what the reality of it was that the heat moved from place to place, and if you really wanted to stay in the very warm pocket of water you just found then you’d have to keep on the move. We had a lot of fun jumping in and out of the bath like water to go check out the sauna’s or swimming up to the water-side bar. Eventually we left the lagoon’s waters and headed back to the hotel for a quick nap before going to catch a few shows at the last official night of Airwaves.

At our final night of the festival we spent the evening walking from show to show, catching about 15 minutes of every set until we arrived at Húrra to check out Ghostdigital. Our group had a table in the back, so I didn’t get to see too much of the show, but we made trips, in groups, to dance to the techno like beats that the band was putting out.

Iceland Airwaves 2014 Day 4 (11/08): DaDa, Lord Pusswhip, Sóley (REVIEW)

Day four of Iceland Airwaves is more accurately described as a continuation of day 3. Together with Delaney Morris, I stayed up late into the night, 5 a.m. to be exact, cutting tape and producing a piece we’ve teamed up on about Icelandic beer and the drinking culture in Iceland. After just 2 short hours of sleep we awoke at 7 a.m. to tour the Icelandic country side with our group.

Iceland is a beautiful country, no matter where we looked there was always a mountain range or moss covered lava field in sight. Unfortunately though I spent much of our bus tour trying to catch up on the sleep I had missed the night before, and as a result was only able to catch the essentials of our tour. Our first stop was at an indoor tomato farm, which felt somewhat unreal, due to either my grogginess or the fact that the vegetables (okay, fruits if you’re a stickler) were growing in this remote area during the start of winter. From there we traveled down the road ten minutes and caught the natural phenomenon that is the Glíma geyser. We enjoyed a quick lunch of Icelandic lamb soup and then were back on the road once again. The final stop in our Golden Circle tour was to see where two tectonic plates are literally tearing the island nation in half, though at a very, very slow rate. After a quick hike up to the top of the North American tectonic plate we headed back to Reykjavík in order to catch our final night of Iceland Airwaves.

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