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No Longer Seeing HOMES?*

We’ve all seen that the beaches and lakes across the country can get pretty dirty. In the Midwest, that’s where the Alliance for the Great Lakes comes in. 

Founded in 1970 by Lee Botts as the Lake Michigan Federation, it focuses on not only protecting the Great Lakes, but also keeping them healthy and safe. They’ve led many campaigns and succeeded including:**

  • Championed federal ban on microbeads in personal care products like face wash and toothpaste, preventing the tiny plastic particles from entering the Great Lakes;
  • Released groundbreaking report calling for permanent separation of the Great Lakes and Mississippi River basins to prevent inter-basin transfer of Asian carp and other invasive species;
  • Won a historic cleanup goal for Lake Erie, which is plagued each year by toxic algal blooms, when the governors of Ohio and Michigan joined the premier of Ontario to commit to a 40% reduction in nutrients into the lake by 2025;

Their flagship program, Adopt-A-Beach, gathered around 15,000 people to volunteer. Cleaning beaches and data collection are the main things accomplished every year. 

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*Huron, Ontario, Michigan, Erie, Superior

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Will the Dodgers Turn The Tables On The Cubs?


Game 3 was played yesterday between the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Chicago Cubs. It ended in a huge loss at Wrigley 6-1. Here I thought that home cooking was needed for the team to get back on track, but boy was I wrong. They are now on the verge of a sweep. 

I had said on my most recent Corner that the starters needed to go deeper into games and keep the pitch counts at bay (other words pitch location needed to be spot on). That clearly didn’t happen, as Kyle Hendricks barely went 5 innings on 82 pitches, allowing 3 runs. That led to a tired bullpen doing more damage yet again, with CJ Edwards and Mike Montgomery allowing the rest of the runs. 

As far as the hitting was concerned, it remained lifeless aside from the Kyle Schwarber home run in the first. In fact it’s been lifeless the whole series. No one is really being patient at the plate, and the pitches they swing at are just horrendous. What else can I say? It’s a train wreck. 



(Photo Cred: MLB Network)

If the Cubs are going to come back to win the series, aside of the pitching, they need to let the pitching come to them. This offense surely knows what it is capable of it is honestly heartbreaking seeing this, even as a Sox fan. IF the teams follows those two keys, then they might have some life; but my gut feelings tell me they have no chance (shout out to He and She). Sorry Cubs fans, but you will not repeat. 

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No More Jimmy, Will Bulls Still Get Buckets?


The Chicago Bulls are coming off an offseason where they not only let go of Rajon Rondo and Dwayne Wade, but they also traded their star player in Jimmy Butler to the Minnesota Timberwolves. It’s safe to say this officially starts the rebuild that most of the fans have wanted since last year. That being said, who’s going to play where? Who’s going to start? Who’s going to make up the bench mob? Here’s how I think the rotation should be (before Zach Lavine comes back from his knee injury):

PG: Dunn/Grant 

SG: Zipser/Holliday

SF: Valentine/Mirotic

PF: Markkanen/Portis/Mirotic 

  C: Lopez/Felicio 

Coach Hoiberg has already worked with Kris Dunn on his jumper, so there’s no doubt in my mind that he’ll truly add a spark to the first unit with his already top tier defensive and passing skills. Jerian Grant can provide some decent-to-good shooting off the bench. 

Paul Zipser has come out of nowhere with a jump in his development after being the 46th pick in the draft pick last year. His 3-point prowess and athleticism on both sides of the ball should prove effective going forward. As far as Justin Holliday, he should be getting a bit of a bigger role with the Bulls after averaging 7.7 PPG with the Knicks last year. As long as he works on creating his own shot, he should be good to go. 

I see Denzel Valentine potentially having a breakout season after suffering a few injuries and playing limited action behind Butler and Wade. If he can be as effective offensively as he is defensively, he may very well be a sleeper player to watch on the new look team. As for Nikola Mirotic, I see him playing both the three and the four. I can only hope that he can have a more consistent shot and be more helpful defensively. I don’t have much faith in him to be honest. 

Provided Lauri Markkanen has no setbacks with his back injury, I expect him to be in the starting lineup. He has everything you look for normally in a big man and he has a silky smooth three ball. Plus with the agility for his size to go with it, expect the poor man’s Kristaps Porzingis to make an immediate impact on both the team and the fans. 

For the center position, expect Robin Lopez to be, well, Robin Lopez. While not much of a scorer, he can protect the paint and rebound with the best of them. Unless you’re a do-it-all like Karl Anthony Towns, Robin Lopez does exceptionally well in his role and will continue to the fan favorite that he was last year. As for Cristiano Felicio, who knows what role he’ll play? Will he be used as a scorer? Defender? Maybe both? Either way I hope he can make major improvements to his game as a whole to prove he belongs.

Here’s to a hopefully good season.

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