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Scary.. or Not?

Its October, which brings out the Halloween fun. Meaning pumpkin patches, costume shopping, candy and last but not least haunted houses!
But it takes a lot to be a GOOD haunted house. For me, it’s based on a few components: Scare tactics, length, and set designs.

Over the weekend I went to a haunted house, I won’t say which one because maybe it could be scary to some, but it just wasn’t for me.  Trust me, I love haunted houses, but I’m very hard to scare. Anyway, I wanted to critique what I experienced at this one!

Scare Tactics: How they scare people..

Getting scared is the biggest point of going to a haunted house. They want to get your blood pumping and freak you out with your greatest fears, being it bugs, chainsaws, or a costume of a certain character. The actors in a haunted house tend to make sudden bangs, come out of no where, or get right up towards you just to freak you out. All very useful ideas! Those can be overplayed, or not work well.

At the haunted house I experienced, they missed many opportunities to have someone come out to scare you. They did the typical “around the corner” attack, but once you see that one time you’ll be waiting for it again.  They did lots of banging on things, it kinda of just made you not think about.

Also what’s with actors trying to say something to you? I never hear it because they try to be so “scary” with it that it kinda gets missed, just sounds like blubber. They also didn’t have many people working the haunted house, so there was many rooms that didn’t have people so we just walked through it. Which wasn’t normal, and felt kinda weird cause I didn’t know if we should keep going or wait.

Length: How long to get in and how long once inside..

The length matters in how long you wait and how long you are in the haunted house. I say this because you could be waiting a long time at some places. It helps that they have people scaring you in line but sometimes it just feels like they are invading your personal space, at least that is what it was like at this place. Mainly it just seemed weird cause the costumes weren’t that well put together, so it just didn’t have that realistic touch.

How long you actually spend in the haunted house can be important. Too short of time and you could just have a bunch of people who just felt like they wasted money. This haunted house felt like a breeze to get through. Worse part is.. it was a two part haunted house! Which basically means it should have been even longer than any regular one, and should have lasted two times longer.

Set Design: What it’s like inside..

Now the set design of a place can really help with the scare tactics. You have those rooms that are decorated like a maze that gets you lost, strobe lit rooms, and ones that they have put very much effort into.

The place I went to have very amazing set designs. They had a slaughter house that was very detailed, a hoarder house that was extra realistic, and a theater that showed it’s destruction. Of course they had the maze room and a strobe lit room, but they also had a balloon path that gets you separated from everyone.

The best part of this haunted house was the set designs, we actually got to stop and admire them because of how greatly detailed they were.  But because of how slow, and limited they were with scarers, it made it less of a haunted house and more like an art project. To compare it, think of a story that you go through but it’s so slow and hard to get into and when you’re about to give up the ending has a few good points.

I may be hard to scare, but I always do like a good haunted house.  The one I went to just wasn’t one of them. If you know any that are worth checking out please let us know in the comments!

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Welcome back 2007.

2007, an interesting year filled with new gadgets and sad endings. Facebook first came into out lives, Steve Jobs launched the first iPhone,  and the final Harry Potter book was published. Oh and who could forget Britney Spear’s and her little meltdown.

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Avril Lavigne in 2017

By Kimmy Spoons

Lets travel back through time, back to the the 1990’s when we pre-teens were going through puberty.  I remember that time of my life  when I thought it was cool to have my bangs completely blocking my vision and my musical tastes ranged form “scene” to “pop-punk” and I used music to express how “emotional” I felt.  I distinctly remember Avril Lavigne.   I can STILL belt out her songs without ever missing a beat. I think the last time anything by her was really big was back in 2007 with her single “Girlfriend” hitting the Billboard Hot 100 as a No. 1 single.

Although many may still associate Lavigne with the pop-punk from the early 00’s, its been 10 years since her biggest hit but do I have some good news for Avril Lavigne fans..

She’s coming out with new music!

Now that she has signed with a new record label,  Avril Lavigne plans to release a new album before the end of this year.  The release of some new music doesn’t mean that she’ll be returning to the scene with  her old look of pink hair and heavy black eyeliner.

Lavigne has made some changes in her song writing through the years.   She says in a Billboard article that she is “going back to her roots a bit” when she started in churches, and county fairs.  But she says that she did challenge herself as a songwriter and wanted to write about topics she hadn’t hit on before. While Lavigne says that she’s experienced a lot over the years, instead of the typical love songs, she has written a lot of songs that are generally just about life.

While Avril Lavigne’s music is a lot different than it was in the past,  I know that I cannot pass up listening to something made by this woman who rocked the early 00’s punk scene. Even though no music is available from the still-untitled record yet, we can at least prepare ourselves for this upcoming release.

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