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Millennials Have Become the Target for Scammers, Better Business Bureau says.

The Better Business Bureau says Millennials are becoming the target for scammers and their scam tracker is a quick way to find out if someone is trying to scam you.

Reports are rapidly increasing from young adults claiming to be scammed or effected by identity theft. Millennials appeal to scammers because more often there aren’t any negatives on their credit reports. And growing up with the internet, young people are more willing to provide their personal information online.

“Please stay away from anybody online who’s promising you goods or services but needs your personal information cause most likely that is a scam,” said President of the Better Business Bureau, Steve Bernas.

An easy way to find out if something is a scam is the scam tracker that offers on their website. The scam tracker provides a list of scams by searching keywords in just moments. The Better Business Bureau can only prevent people from getting scammed. If the scam has already occurred you’re at a lost.

Staying safe on social media is just as important for your personal life as it is for your business. Take heed to these 3 P’s of social media safety!

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“Empire” Season 4 Continues With The Suspenseful Drama

The second episode of Empire’s season 4 aired last night (Oct. 4th) on FOX, and the show is already off to a dramatic start. Empire is definitely in the category of soap opera now from the crazy behavior of Luscious Lyon’s mother to Anika a.k.a Boo Boo Kitty suddenly getting out of jail and showing up at Hakeem’s door.

Episode one was a good refresher of what happen last season, but episode two has me even more interested in what’s going to happen throughout the rest of season 4. Is Luscious ever going to get his memory back? Will Cookie and Luscious ever get back together? Who’s the next special guest coming on the show? Some guests I would love to see on the show are Beyonce or Drake. Even though, I’m kind of over all the music performances on the show. I think it takes from the suspense of the show, but I guess that’s what the show is based off of. Check out the OMG moments from episode two!

Lil’Wayne’s Surprise Birthday Party Left Daughter Upset

Lil Wayne had a surprise birthday party last night with his Young Money family, however his real family wasn’t invited. According to Hot New Hip, the party was so much of a secret that Lil’Wayne’s own daughter, Reginae Carter, didn’t even know about it.

From the looks of a comment Reginae left under Nicki Minaj’s Instagram post from the party, she found out about the surprise on social media. Regina’s comment on Instagram said, “Wow had no idea about this.” The party being a secret isn’t surprising seeing as Lil Wayne was advised to take some time off after sustaining two seizures earlier this month.