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Junior Achievement strives to help young kids be successful. It’s not just another ordinary youth organization designed to get kids off the street. This particular organization mentors and guides kids by allowing them the opportunity to see how major companies and businesses are run and operated through entrepreneur programs. I myself participated in the program in my teens and it has helped me decide my future.

it’s a great organization for youth who are unsure of their future with great opportunities to gain life-long work ethics and transferable skills that would benefit them in the long run.




Sign me up for CBS’s “Good Doctor”

OMG it most definitely i. I was hooked when he said this. I think this will be one of my favorite shows. I also LOVE the fact this show and Speechless acknowledges people with disabilities and special needs. I’ve worked with special needs children in the past and quiet as kept, some had more sense than a “normal” person. We need to be a little more compassionate and stop taking so much for granted.

PRAY/It’s Not Just Sugar


Thins are getting scary and not because HALLOWEEN  is approaching. First, all these hurricanes and earthquakes; it’s crazy Mother Nature ain’t playin’. Then sadly,woke this morning to all the madness in Vegas.

It’s Not Only Sugar

Sick of this too! How the hell are you going to blame or target kids when they don’t pay. and as a diabetic, it’s not always about sugar. Diabetes also involves regular food that has starch or gluten, or glucose in it.