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Iceland Airwaves 2012: Interview With Apparat Organ Quartet

We’re back from Reykjavík and in the process of producing our Iceland Airwaves 2012 radio documentary. Stay tuned! In the meantime, check out some Iceland Airwaves 2012 audio interview teasers culled from the trip. 

I had the opportunity of interviewing two of the masterminds behind Iceland’s “Machine Rock and Roll” group Apparat Organ Quartet at KEX Hostel. Hörður Bragason and Músikvatur share with me their process in creating one of the very first songs the group put together called “Romantika.”  With the song’s inception in 2003, this was one of the first tracks in Apparat Organ Quartet’s career to feature vocal work. During the interview, I could not stop laughing at Hörður and Músikvatur’s charming personalities, as well as their funny sounds while they walked me through their creative process.


Iceland Airwaves Day Two: Endless Dark Interview

After much anticipation, I met up with the members of metal Endless Dark, where we sat down to chat at Tíu Dropar coffee shop and restaurant. After talking to bassist Keli for weeks via e-mail, I was thrilled to finally meet him and the other band members of Endless Dark. We then discussed their music, and how theirs resembles no other metal bands in Iceland. Here’s a teaser from our interview.

Iceland Airwaves: Interview with Sóley @ Cafe Haiti

Sóley is an Icelandic musician who got her start with the bands Seabear and Sin Fang when she was studying at the Iceland Art Academy in 2007. After releasing her debut EP in 2010, she put out her first full-length album, We Sink, last year. She played nearly every day this year at Iceland Airwaves, including shows on her own and as a member of Sin Fang. She somehow managed to find time to sit down with me at Cafe Haiti to discuss her music and her experiences at Iceland Airwaves. She described her writing process as similar to that of classical music in that she wanted to look at the big picture rather than individual parts. Here’s a teaser, more to come: