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Icelandic Culture: Online freedom of expression and net neutrality in Iceland and U.S. (listen)

We’ve had a great time covering Iceland Airwaves and discovering and reporting on Icelandic culture. Here’s an Icelandic cultural interview culled from our time there. Be sure to stay tuned for our final radio documentary, which will air on WCRX-FM 88.1. Visit our Iceland Airwaves blog to read/hear more from our time in Iceland.

Following the discovery of mass government surveillance, the conversation surrounding Internet freedoms and amnesty from regulation changed. It was a tangible aspect of understanding the neutrality debate centers around legislation. In Iceland, laws were implemented to protect the spread of information and whistleblowers online. In the U.S., Internet providers are seeking to expand their profits by controlling browsing speeds. Listen to interviews with the executive director of the Icelandic Modern Media InstituteGudjon Idir and anthropologist studying information politics related to Icelandic data centers, Alix Johnson.

Icelandic Culture Preview: The Icelandic Revolution

We’re en route to Iceland Airwaves today!  Students enrolled in the Radio Department’s Covering International Festivals: Iceland course are travelling to Iceland to cover the festival, Icelandic culture and more. Follow their journey here, which begins Nov. 5th. Check out a preview story below.

No matter where you are in the world, mass protests can get out of hand, and the police sometimes have little patience for it. In Ferguson, Missouri, protesters began setting fires, looting stores and clashing with police. In return, the police flaunted military-grade weapons in response. It’s a pretty common scenario.

But Iceland had a revolution in 2008 that forced the government to resign, and some consider it to be one of the more peaceful revolutions in history. Listen to learn how Icelanders, in part, were able to accomplish this.


Iceland Airwaves Preview: The Icelandic Language (Listen)

We’re heading to Iceland Airwaves! Students enrolled in the Radio Department’s Covering International Festivals: Iceland course will travel to Iceland to cover the festival, Icelandic culture and more, beginning Nov. 5.  Follow their journey here. Check out a preview story below.

The Icelandic language at a glance to anyone who doesn’t know it, is strange and intimidating. But to Icelanders it’s a thing of poetry and beauty, it’s a national pride. Listen as Thorhaller Eythorsson and Torfi Tulinius, professors of linguistics at the University of Iceland, discuss the languages long history, and how over the last 800 years it’s resisted outside influences and remained purely Icelandic.