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Paul McCartney’s Beatles Catalogue finally comes home!

After more than half a century Sir Paul McCartney will finally own the rights to his own music.  “The song publishing business can be quite lucrative” McCartney told Michael Jackson back in the 80’s, while the two were collaborating.  Jackson quipped to McCartney I’m going to own yours!”.  A few years later when ATV music came up for sale, Jackson purchased it for $47.5 million, acquiring about 250 Lennon-McCartney songs as part of the 4,000 song library owned by the company.  The deal soured McCartney’s and Jackson’s friendship, as Sir Paul felt he and Lennon had been taken advantage of as youngsters and his friend, Michael Jackson, was now in a position to right an old injustice.  Jackson didn’t see it that way, claiming it was “just business” and the two drifted apart.

The Beatle was non-too happy to see his music being used for commercials.

In 1995 Jackson sold half of ATV to Sony and together the two formed Sony/ATV Music Publishing, with Jackson and Sony each owning 50 percent of the company.  A few years before his death, Sony made a deal with Jackson, to help him with his financial troubles in exchange for half of his 50% of the company, giving Sony 75% ownership of the music catalog.  Last year (2016), Sony announced it’s intention to purchase the rest of the company from Jackson’s estate for a whopping $750 million.  Putting Paul McCartney even further away from his dream.

Copyright laws to the rescue!  

The US Copyright Act of 1967 states – for songs published before 1978, rights can be reverted back to the original author after 56 years.  The Beatles released their first album in 1963, and their first single “Love Me Do” was released in 1962, making it 56 years old in 2018.  In 2015 McCartney began the steps to reclaim his music, including filing a lawsuit for them.

This summer Paul McCartney secured the rights to his music in a private settlement with Sony.  So, a big win for one of only two surviving Beatles, who has been on a journey to own the rights to his own music for nearly 50 years!



Iceland Airwaves Preview: Mammút Interview (Listen)

Tune in to WCRX 88.1 FM or TONIGHT, beginning at 7 p.m., for a student preview of Iceland Airwaves Music Festival and Icelandic culture. Here is one of the preview stories. On Nov. 4, students enrolled in the Radio Department’s Covering International Festivals: Iceland course will travel to Iceland to cover the fest and more. Follow their journey here.

Mammút is a mainstay of the Icelandic indie rock scene. After winning Músiktilraunir, Iceland’s annual battle of the bands, in 2004, they went on to win numerous nominations and awards at the Icelandic Music Awards. You won’t want to miss them at this year’s Iceland Airwaves festival.

Listen as lead singer Kata Mogensen and bassist Ása Dyradóttir discuss heartache on stage, the difficulties of sticking together as a band, and their much anticipated move into the American music scene.

Mammút will be playing at Gamla Bíó on Wednesday November 5 at 11:20 p.m. and at the Reykjavík Art Museum on Saturday November 8 at 9:00 p.m.

Hip Hop Activist Bryant Cross’s Top 5 Songs!

Bryant Cross is a different type of hip hop expert, his opinions are based more on the effect it will have on society rather than the booming bass. In case you missed the full interview with the Chicago bred hip hop enthusiast, social activist and accomplished slam poet, here are the 5 songs (in no particular order) he chose and his reasons behind why he chose these songs.

– Jay Z ft. Eminem: Renegade

– Scarface: I Seen A Man Die

– Tupac: Dear Mama

– Kendrick Lamar: Sing About Me (I’m Dying of Thirst)

– Kanye West: Jesus Walks

For discussions on hip hop music that matters, tune in to Bigger Than Hip Hop every week Thursdays from 9-11 on WCRX, 88.1 FM with Shawn Don herself.

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