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5 Things to do in Chicago for Halloween

  1. Get A Scare At Fright Flicks At Navy Pier
    Its time to be a kid again! Navy Pier’s Fright Flicks events taking place October 21st and October 28th are going to may your night scary for your Halloween traditions this year. With movies after movies each day, Friends and family halloweekend of fun by munch on some popcorn, and get ready to scream. Movies include: Monsters, Inc., Ghostbusters (2016), Monster House, and Beetlejuice.
  2. Chicago Marathon
    Cheer on or Run for the thousands of runners who will participate in the 26.2 mile run through several city neighborhoods on Sunday. Runners from all 50 states and many countries will compete in the Midwest’s largest running event of the year.
  3. Do the Monster Mash
    October is the perfect month to go and see your favorite bands and do the monster mash. There are many great concerts going on this fall in Chicago. In example, Skrillex is a very popular and well-known electronic dance music producer, DJ, singer, and songwriter. Skrillex is coming to Chicago on Saturday, October 18th. He will be playing at the Navy Pier alongside A$AP Ferg.
  4. Take a Bike Tour Bobby’s Bike Tour
    RIDING IN FEAR! It is a great way to stay active while staying in the Halloween spirit and having a scary experience. The tour starts by riding through an old cemetery, then the tour will pass the Chicago River site where a bizarre occurrence took place when 844 people drowned in mid-daylight. Chicago’s infamous ghost, Resurrection Mary, will be discussed as well as many other haunted local places including the Levee District, the Columbian Exposition, and the exploits of one H. H. Holmes.
  5. Alder After Dark
    Exclusively for adults 21+, this evening offers you open access, unlimited shows, and unique entertainment every third Thursday of the month from 6:00–10:00 pm (Summer hours, May-August: 6:30–10:30 pm.)   Get SPOOK’D





Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice Review

By Joshua Winchester

This week marked a monumental occasion for the superhero movie genre. After 75 years, two of the great titans of superhero lore, Batman and Superman, have finally appeared on the big screen together in a loud, noisy, character and plot crowded film that almost clocks in at 3 hours in length. And the movie is nothing short of glorious.

The film adds a whole new level to the fledgling DC Cinematic Universe, especially with the various casting decisions for the film that are propelling the series towards the inevitable Justice League (slated for release in 2017)

Two of the strongest elements in the film are the casting of Ben Affleck as Batman (aka Bruce Wayne) and Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman (aka Diana Prince).

Affleck’s performance as a older, more embittered Batman is superb. He steps into the role with all the dedication of any actor who has taken up the mantle of Batman and yet also adds something by playing a Batman who has (according to the dialogue setting up the character) spent 20 years fighting crime in his native Gotham City which explains his reactionary approach to dealing with the apparent threat that is Superman to the balance of the world. All in all, Affleck certainly lives up the hype that was surrounding his portrayal of Batman, and the same can be said for Gal Gadot in her role as Wonder Woman.

Wonder Woman, the ultimate female warrior, blessed by the gods of Greek mythology and raised on an island of warrior Amazons, tasked with coming to man’s world to help make it right. This is a super-heroine who has been a strong example of the ultimate woman, and Gal Gadot steps into the role with clear conviction about how to play the character.  Incidentally,  this is Wonder Woman’s big screen debut.  Wonder Woman is only seen in costume (and out of costume) in brief parts of the movie, but she steals these scenes and left me and the audience wanting more.   Thankfully, her own movie is also slated to come out in 2017.

All in all, Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice delivered big on the promise of a drag’em out, no holds barred superhero action film. The cast was amazing, stellar special effects and the start of the DC Cinematic Universe. This is a must-see movie for anyone, both fans of the comic books and average movie-goers alike.

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Fantastic Boor

By Kevin McLaughlin

Last August Twentieth Century Fox released yet another rendition of Marvel Comics First Family, The Fantastic Four. And just like the previous two FF movies this one was bad.

“This reboot [of the film] manages to actually make the previous two FF movies seem better in hindsight.” -IGN Review of Fantastic Four

Now when I first saw the trailer, I was excited because I could tell that the movie had taken inspiration from the Ultimate Universe. Reed Richards is insanely smart, Sue Storm is equally smart, Johnny Storm is all about having fun and dating girls, and Ben Grimm is just there for the ride.

In the movie, like the comics, Reed is brought to the Baxter Building. Instead of being an apartment building, it’s actually a giant governmental think tank where fellow geniuses work to better the country and world. In the movie they get Reed because he was able to make an inter-dimensional transporter out of junk when he was in grade school. To sum up what the government wants with the transporter…they want to do what the humans in Avatar did, plunder a world for it’s resources to use on your own.

Once the team develops powers, the people that run the Baxter Building want to return to the dimension and make more super power soldiers.  What could go wrong?

The real problem with the movie wasn’t the story line.  The real problems were all of the conflicts that went on behind the scenes.

For instance, the director Josh Trank tweeted that he had a great version of the movie but we’d “probably never see it.” FOX thought that Trank’s version was too violent (yet Deadpool was rated R and used the F work 85 times) and forced the director to make reshoots. Another problem with this movie was that the filmmakers didn’t think it was necessary for the actors to read any of the comics  because the movie was an original story not based on the comics.  WRONG!

I could go on forever on how bad this movie was, but when you pull back all the layers, the only reason this movie was EVER made was so FOX could maintain the rights. If Fox wasn’t able to get this movie out by the end of 2015, Marvel would have gotten the rights back. Fox has been mum about the Fantastic Four’s sequel set for a June 2017 date…let’s just hope it’s better than this box office failure.


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